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Long Distance Moving Companies, Services and Movers

Find the right long distance mover with now! Our extensive network of long distance moving companies Canada and long distance movers Canada have you covered in all aspects of the long distance moving process when moving to and moving from Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Saskatoon, Seattle, Whistler, Oregon, New York, California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington and many more locations in Canada and the United States. Canadian moving services offered in our long distance moving and van lines network usually include:

  • Packing/Unpacking of home
  • Load/Unload at multiple locations
  • Cleaning Services
  • Storage Facilities
  • Specialty Item Transport Solutions
  • Car Transport

To learn which professional long distance moving companies and services that best fit your needs and budget, complete our free quote form to receive an instant quote to find out the cost of long distance moving. It’s now easier to compare the moving services and costs of moving specialists and van lines in your area in Canada & USA.

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Long distance moving companies usually base their rates by total distance, fixed hourly rates, number of rooms, or weight of the load. Make sure you describe the nature of the move (e.g. narrow doorways or multiple flights of stairs) to prevent any unexpected costs for a better relocation experience.
Tip of the day: Keep in mind that most long distance moving companies, van lines and movers will match the rates of their competitors. Moving moving moving!

Why does relocation with work?

When long distance moving companies compete for your personal business, you can actually save on move. You will receive at least three no-obligation quotes from different top long distance moving companies. We make sure the moving company that you entrust your house move has the correct permit and limited liability insurance required by in your area to do business with you. A moving company and van lines must have valid insurance to get operating authority. The amount and type of insurance depends on the type of operating authority required and can be checked online at the FMCSA site. Our moving experts are all fully licensed, FMCSA and USDOT regulated operators with trained and knowledgeable staff experienced in all aspects of moving are ready to help you save money and time when moving. If you are looking for local moving companies for small moving, please visit our Find Local Movers page.

Can I save on move using this website?

You certainly can! We have so many satisfied customers who have been using our free services for moving house or apartment when moving to Toronto, moving to California, moving to Montreal, moving to Vancouver, moving to Ontario, moving to Calgary, moving to Oregon, moving to Nevada, moving to Seattle, moving to Whistler, moving to New York and many other locations. We will make sure our hand-picked relocation specialists will give you absolutely the best moving experience because we understand how it might be difficult to find the right moving services long distance. is also a top service known for its moving companies Vancouver. Whenever you are looking for the right and affordable moving company Vancouver or any city throughout Canada and the US, make sure to give us a try.

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Are you looking for the cheapest way to move? If so, you can get free moving quotes online now! Look no further than the number one website for obtaining estimates for moving in and to multiple cities Canada. Save on Move is dedicated to getting you moving deals and taking all the hassle out of looking for a moving company. From making phone calls to interviewing and procuring estimates, we put all the compiled resources in your hands to get you all of these services in one place.

To submit an inquiry and compare movers in your city and province, all you do is fill out a brief form. This form must include pick-up and drop-off cities. It must also state the moving date. Once you have submitted this inquiry you will receive up to five free quotes from our qualified movers. This will take all the grunt work of looking for a mover out of your hands and into ours. With our large network of specialists, we will be able to help you with anything from short moves, to cross-border moves, to international or business related moving needs.

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We can provide long distance moving quotes to you instantly while providing you with comparisons of moving companies across Canada. All you have to do is fill out one easy, no obligation form, and receive your quote from multiple moving companies. Save on Move will take your requests for estimates and find you a number of experienced movers with one, easy submission. You will only be put in contact with insured and fully licensed companies. We will make your move easier while saving you money and time.

Residential and Commercial Moving

When it comes to residential moving, we place as high of a value on your valuables and personal items as you do. The moving companies we contract with will treat your items with the respect they deserve.

Not only do we have specialized movers in the residential arena, we also provide quotes for qualified office movers. On you can receive up to five free quotes in thirty minutes for your office move needs. We also ensure that all the data you provide on our website is safe and secure.

International and Long-Distance Moves

Not only can we help with your move around Canada, we can help if you are moving internationally, to the US. You can get long distance moving quotes in an instant. With our free service, all the hassle of finding a reliable international mover is left to us. All you need to do is fill out a short quote form on our website, Once the quote form is completed you will receive quotes from all of our qualified movers. These qualified moving companies will walk you through the international moving process. They will also walk you through all the legal documentation as well as all the customs procedures for your international move.

Full-Service Movers

Not only will these options be available to you for your international move, but we also provide many more. The many services that our moving companies provide include, packing and unpacking all of your belongings in your home at various locations of your choosing, from your new location to storage facilities. They will also provide you with cleaning services, transporting of specialty items, vehicle and equipment moving, and storage solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We can provide you with excellent rates on international moves by offering you competitive quotes from different cross-border moving companies. We also make sure that the proper permits and liability insurance is secured. All the moving specialists we contract with are licensed and trained in the specific area of international moving.

When comparing moving companies with ours, you will find a distinct difference. We offer five free quotes up front with no hassle and no obligations. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for us. Across the board, our customers agree that we are the quickest, easiest, most affordable and professional moving website on the internet.

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Not only is Save on Move beneficial to our customer base, we pride ourselves in finding and obtaining the best moving companies to contract with. We operate the most innovative site for clients to move within Canada and across borders into the US. If your company would like to join our network, we will provide you with worthwhile moving leads that will, in turn, save your company thousands of dollars. If your moving company chooses to work with us, there is no contract and we will pay you per lead that is provided. On top of these great perks, we will also advertise your company logo for free!

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If you compare moving companies in cities such as Vancouver BC or Toronto ON, you will see that Save on Move has up to 70% discounts from these cities. In fact, this is the top resource for finding a moving company for this area. Anywhere from Toronto to Vancouver and in between, the savings you will receive from this website are unparalleled. We also have highly trained customer service representatives to help you with any of the website detail, or any questions you may have.

Did you know that movers base their rates on distance traveled, a permanent hourly amount, the number of rooms they are moving furniture out of, and the complete weight of everything put together? As long as you are specific about the nature of your move, you can keep unexpected costs at bay. We provide you with such deep discounts because our 800 plus moving companies are competing for your business. We are here to help you find the best moving company to satisfy all your needs without any hassle or unanticipated expenditure.

Consultation and Assurance

The specialties that our movers concentrate on are varied. Anything from local and long distance moving, to commercial and residential needs are taken care of. Our licensed movers will move anything from pianos to furniture, as well as vehicles and specialty items. Since we contract with over 800 moving companies we can provide you with the best service at the lowest cost. You will have an exclusive relocation professional at your disposal to help you every step of the way.

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